Custom iPhone Game Development

Mobile App Development From Start To Finish

Custom iPhone GraphicsOur AWARD-WINNING graphics team can make your vision come alive.

Studio Quality SoundsNo Game is complete without custom sounds. Our Warner Bros. Recording artist crafts each game sound specifically for each client.

Over 1 Million iPhone DownloadsThe IGC team has created games that have garnered a total of 1,000,000+ downloads. We’ve also worked with apps that have been featured by TIME magazine and have been Apple “Editor’s Choice”.

Best iPhone Developer Team Our Games utilize Cocos2d, Cocos2d-x, or Unity3d. Our team will help determine the best engine for you. We’re also able to develop games on both iOS & Android platforms.

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Mobile Design

Our team specializes in mobile game development. From Idea to marketing, we've got you covered.

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We'll sign an NDA to keep you safe and get started making your dream a reality.

Pro Visuals & Sounds

Making a great game isn't just about a good developer. You need world class graphics and sound to accompany your code.

Studio Sound

Through our strategic partnerships, we utilize major label, like Warner Bros., artists to design amazing sounds and music.

Down to a Science

We've been making mobile games for six years, so we'll always bring extra suggestions and ideas to the table to maximize your game's potential.

One Stop Shop

Not only can we build every aspect of your game, but we can help create a website, market it & help make your launch a success.

"Sami and his team made us the perfect game. They walked us through the whole process and made sure they answered any questions along the way"

Erick Delgado - Director Of Marketing, Parachimps

"I found IGC on Google and used them to build my first game. They educated me through the whole process and I’m now on my fourth game with them. Thanks Sami!!"

Victor Edwards - Owner, Gravity Bat


“I found IGC on Google and used them to build my first game. They educated me through the whole process and I’m now on my fourth game with them. Thanks Sami!!”"

Carol Jacobs. CEO - Ninja Run.


Here's some common questions about our services.


Why You Choose Iphone Game Creator?

iPhone Game Creator was founded by a need. Our founder Sami wanted a way to build his own games for the AppStore, but didn’t know how to code, make graphics, or create sounds. After a year of hunting, he was able to put a team together. That same rock-star team is available for anyone. We remove the pain of finding a good team and let you focus on making your idea materialize.


How Much Does a Game Cost?

Well, that is up to the Game. There are four major factors to a game: Graphics, Sounds, Game Complexity and Server Complexity. If your game is a simple game, such as a “Bejeweled”, it could cost as little as $7,000 USD for everything included. For games that save player progress, time locking, and complex instant apps purchases, the cost varies.


How long does it take to make a Game?

Again, depends on the complexity of the game. Most graphics and sounds take two weeks to complete. Coding on simple games may take another two weeks. At a minimum, a project will take a month, start to finish.


What is the IGC Process?

First, we’ll discuss your idea. Next, we’ll build out the graphics, and send them to you for your approval. We’ll then create sounds to match the “look” of the game. Before coding, we will create a short 10-20 second animation of your main game mechanics to approve. Our Engineers will then make it all come to life!


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