Instructing an iPhone Game Developer

So far, the iPhone or IoS Game Developers project should be coming along great! We’ve established the need to start with a story boarding process and figuring out the game style involved. The game style dictates the type of graphics you will require and the type of physics required in the game. The game physics is usually the most time-consuming process for an iPhone game developer. Thus, it is important for them to start coding the engine as all the graphics come together.

An iPhone Game Developer is often referred to as an engineer- and like all engineers, they need a solid plan to go off of. If you as a project owner choose to give them bits of information at a time regarding the project- your blue print- it will only cause an increased time and cost for you to complete the game. A proper engineer will need the plan up front so that they can integrate each step of the process as it is necessary. Even if it’s a simple game mechanic- things may be different during the writing of the code than it is seemingly when thought of- so even simple additions and changes can add up to a big bill!

We cant say this enough, storyboarding your game early on will alleviate all these issues and leave your game developer a clear runway to complete your project on time and bug free.

Iphone game engineers prefer their instructions be accompanied by screen shots and in list format- paragraph format is not often encouraged. A list format creates an automatic checklist your game developer can go off of- get in this habit early and your games will come out faster and better than imagined!

If you’re ready for our team to tackle your iPhone Game, shoot us a message! We’re sure we can help.