The Quirks of iPad Game Development


Many of our clients ask us about iPad game development- in reality, all games are made for the platform- iOS. iOS is referring to the operating engine that runs all apple mobile products.  Some newer apps are required to be at least a version of iOS 7 or later. iOS 7 is one of the biggest overhauls since the release of the original iOS, thus many apps that are created with the new iOS 7 abilities may not work with past iOS devices. iPads, however, have no restriction and can download up to any new iOS version.

An iPad optimized game may be related to a game’s ability to have faster processing, but most importantly, it should be optimized for the iPad resolution. This resolution is higher than the standard iPhone, and the screen scale is slightly different as well.

We warn clients to specifically choose to do iPad game development, however. The best iPad games are also cross platform and playable/useable on the iPhone as well. Using an iPad game creates the some issues. The number one issue with an iPad only game development is that you are severely limiting your market. Remember, the appstore reaches well beyond the United States. Although it may seem that iPads are common in your neighborhood, tablets are generally available to a much smaller portion of the population at hand.


The key to a successful game is the ability to reach as many gamers as possible. My creating an iPad app only, you are severely hurting your chances to become a dominant gaming force.

Our suggestion? Make a great iPhone game and focus on iOS game development– but make sure it is optimized to be amazing on the iPad as well. We make our iPhone games so good that they look like they were meant to be iPad games anyways! If you’re ready for an iPad Game Development, or just an iOS Game Developer, we’re ready to be on your team!